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I'm a photographer based out of Aledo, TX. My photography business specializes in families, children and seniors.

Meet the Joneses!
We're not afraid to be silly.

Monica aka MoJo

Hi! I am a born and bred Texican from just outside of Houston. I grew up near NASA in a small town called Seabrook. After college at St. Edward's University, where I studied acting, I moved to Los Angeles for a few years. Eventually, I came home and met my sweet hubby during a local production of Daddy's Dyin' Who's Got the Will? . We moved up here in 2008 and have been loving this town! After several years in real estate as a Realtor then as a New Home Sales Consultant, I decided to take a break to focus on starting a family. I started getting serious about photography in 2012 when I decided to try my hand at real estate photography. In 2014 my oldest daughter was born and my focus shifted to families and kids. 


This goofball is my husband. He actually named my business on a whim because he's creative like that. One day, he said, "how about MoJo's Photos? It's still named after you since your name is Monica Jones." . This guy is my biggest cheerleader and the reason I get to do what I love. He works harder than anyone I know and amazes me every day with his gorgeous brain. 


Mackadoodle Poodle

This kid. The one that made me a mama. My precocious and precious baby girl. She's smarter than me. She loves exploring. She loves Science. I love her heart and her beautiful, wild spirit. She is everything I hoped she would be. I look at her and can't believe that she is mine. 


LuLu LaRue

Oh my sweet baby, unicorn child. Her heart is as big as the ocean. She completed our family with her arrival. This gorgeous child has only kindness and love running through her veins. Her generosity is unmatched and she never has cruel word for anyone. 

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